WikiMedia Hackathon 2017

I  attended the three days of Hacking sessions of Wikimedia Hackathon 19-21 May, 2017 held in Vienna. i felt this was very most wondering professional meeting ever attended in my life before.

Thanks to Wikimedia Austria, To accept me as newcomer in last moment.7b4b959923


The first impression when entered in hotel was bit confused and Later on attending to  opening ceremony and introduction part of topics felt anxious to work for coming days.

Every mentor as clear vision about their topic and further steps to get into project successful. I had listened a lot topics for more than one hour and decided to work on



The topic was very interesting as they protecting language adding Ten to fifty thousands of words in Wiktionary. Mr. Hugo was leading the protect and explained his motto and expecting what to delivery in coming next days.

wikiphotos1Mr.Shrininvasan had lot of experience as  php developer, he worked lot on GITHUB fixing  the bug, translating the web page of lingualibre to Tamil. Pablo fix the docker issues. Dafna works was installed the lingualibre and she wants to do in Arabic. she change writing font from left to right for Arabic, that was the great achivement. i worked on installation for the Telugu Language, hope it will in few more days.


We are having fun while working all the day.

On the Day-2 evening we went for the party, As the Wikimedia, Vienna had booked a party house for the Hackathons.



Day 3 – The final day.

After the last night party on day-2, we started again working on our project for final demo.


There were 46 project, each project had 3 mins of time space to give short live demo.

After finishing demo of each every individual, the session was closed and Wikimedia officials announced Barcelona  for next year Hackathon venue.

In evening we went city tour and visited historic places in Vienna, later on followed with dinner in wonderful Italian restaurant.



Thanks to Wikimedia Hackthon vienna, Jufa hotel for wonderful hospitality.



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